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Some of our clients love to ask these questions:

What payment methods do you accept?
How long does it take to activate a VPS?
  • As soon as you’ve confirmed your payment, you’ll need to wait a few minutes before your VPS becomes available. You may need to wait longer if the payment details provided for your order need to be manually validated, as part of our anti-fraud policy. but the maximum waiting perion can not exceed 12 hours
How much does a VPS costs?
  • It will depend on the package you have chosen, and what environment you are hosting with. We offer prices ranging from ₹388.71 to ₹2,626.50/month. After you have ordered, you can also upgrade your VPS if your requirements increase.
Is your VPS 100% SSD-powered?
  • All of Hosting and VPS Servers are SSD-Powered disks. If the disk is SSD-boosted, we will explain it on the ordering page. There is no HDD-Only disks at Bazasoft.
Need a 300GB SSD-Boosted VPS at ₹537.90
A 4GB guaranteed RAM with 300 GB SSD-Boosted Space + UNLIMITED Bandwidth

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