Earn with Bazasoft Affiliate Program

Earn with Bazasoft Affiliate Program

Our affiliate program is a great unique opportunity for you to earn money by just recommending Bazasoft. Your referrals experience the award-winning service we offer and you get paid for every sale and bonus for reaching predetermined thresholds.

Better Commissions, Low Payout Threshold

Better Commissions, Low Payout Threshold

Your commissions is directly related to the sales you make, we do not charge you any hidden administrative or service fees instead you earn a sign up bonus of $15.00. Our low payout threshold limit ensures that you can request your payout without having to wait for months.

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Easy to use Control Panel

Our beautiful and simple control panel helps you track your sales automatically and request payouts making the entire experience completely hassle free for you. You get paid when you make sales, no hidden fees, no hidden charges, you keep what you make and our affiliate program is free to join.

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Easy to use Control Panel

Custom Made Banners

Custom Made Banners

One size doesn’t fit all, hence we will design custom eye catching banners based on your website’s requirement and design for free. These professionally made banners will make your advertisement stand out and help us get more sales which equals more commissions for you.

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Register in our affiliate program and sit down and relax, we will pay you for every customer you bring to us.

Bazasoft Vs. The Rest (The Big Guys)

From professional businesses to small businesses, we’ve got you covered!

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Affiliates Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to most frequently asked affiliate questions

What is the affiliate program?
  • The affiliate program is a performance-based marketing program, where the affiliate promotes the product and services of Bazasoft and if the referral places an order, then the affiliate is rewarded on a commission basis.
How does Bazasoft Affiliate Program works and who can join it?
  • Once you join our web hosting affiliate program, you earn a sign up bonus of $15.00 added to your affiliate account. You get a unique tracking link i.e. affiliate link which you can share with your clients and have them place the order. You also get text links, banners, and many other marketing materials to promote that you can add it to your website and blog. If someone clicks on the banner or link and places the order, then you, the affiliate earns the commission. Anyone who knows how to use the internet can join our affiliate program for free.
What is the commission percentage and when it will be approved?
  • We offer up to 40% commission per sale and the commission is approved after 45 days from the date of client purchase.
What are the affiliate payout methods available?
  • Affiliate payouts are done through PayPal and yes, you can use your affiliate earnings to buy web hosting services from us. It will be credited to your billing while placing the order. Members who can not use Paypal can request payouts via MoMo Pay or Payoneer.