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Reseller plans are designed for you to earn money! Start your own web hosting company

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All plans include

  • Unlimited cPanel
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Live Chat Support
  • Money-back Guarantee
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Reseller 1
Great for a cPanel reseller
$ 22.49 /month
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  • cPanel Accounts
  • Uplink
    1 Gbps
  • Disk Space
  • Bandwidth
Best Value
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Master 1
Great for a reseller of resellers
$ 25.49 /month
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  • Reseller Accounts
  • Uplink
    1 Gbps
  • Disk Space
  • Bandwidth
Reseller Hosting Explained

Reseller Hosting Explained

You can sell Shared Hosting (Cloud Hosting) to your Clients and White-Label Reseller where you can put Your Own Brand, Company Name, Private Nameservers and Sell for your Clients. You can start your Own Hosting Company and Take all the Profits. cPanel and WHM allow you to provide an interface for both your customers and your staff.

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Master Reseller Explained

Master Reseller Hosting is the next generation reseller hosting. Master Reseller accounts allow you to sell WHM reseller hosting accounts in addition to reselling cPanel hosting accounts. Our Master Reseller software allows you to control, create and sell WHM reseller web hosting packages to your clients.

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Master Reseller Explained

Alpha Reseller Explained

Alpha Reseller Explained

Alpha Reseller Hosting allows you to Master reseller hosting. You can create Master, Reseller and cPanel accounts to sell to your customers, it’s like having a dedicated server but without the administration and associated costs.

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Need a 300GB SSD-Boosted VPS at $6.49
A 4GB guaranteed RAM with 300 GB SSD-Boosted Space + UNLIMITED Bandwidth

Reseller Technical Specifications

Reseller hosting is white labeled, own brand-able is available to fit all the requirements with WHM panel to manage hosting services which are provided by you. We provide Premium support, Free Migration, Free Domain Reseller Account, Website Building System and Private Nameservers to our Reseller Hosting Customers which helps them to start their own Hosting Company. All Reseller plans and their clients are DDoS Protected (Anti-DDoS) so no worries about downtime when your website is under attack, We will take care of it and keep your website UP.

Comparing Reseller Plans
Reseller 1
Renews 22.49$ /mo
Best for cPanel reseller
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Master 1
Renews 25.49$ /mo
Best for reseller of resellers
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Alpha 1
Renews 28.49$ /mo
Best for a reseller of master resellers
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100 (cPanel) Accounts100 (Reseller) Accounts100 (Master) Accounts
SSD Storage
Databases Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
DDoS Protection
free SSL Certificate
POP3 Accounts
Webmail Access
E-mail Alias Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Auto Responders
Catch All Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Mail Spam Filters Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
SpamAssassin Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Mail Forwards Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Zend Optimizer
CGI-Bin / Perl
Cron Jobs
Bandwidth UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Hotlink Protection
IP Deny Manager
Custom Error Pages
24/7 Ticket Support
Live Chat Support
Money-back Guarantee
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Why choose Bazasoft as your reseller provider?

We are sure you will love our servers and customer support, you’ll stay months after month.

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Unlimited SSD Disk Space

Disk space, in terms of our reseller accounts, is the amount of disk space that you are given to share between all of your accounts-primary and resold. Use the control panel to divide this disk space to best suit your reseller hosting needs.

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Unlimited Bandwidth

Bandwidth is the amount of data you can transfer both to and from your reseller hosting plan. Here it is shared between all of your created cPanel and reseller accounts. You will easily set your own bandwidth for each resold account. Your can set it as UNLIMITED

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100+ Resold Accounts

The number of reseller accounts you can create for reselling is around 100. This includes cPanel, reseller, and master reseller accounts depending on the package you have choosen. Each account has enough bandwidth and disk space.

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Reseller Hosting Frequently Asked Questions

Below we answer the most common Reseller hosting questions:

What is the difference between Reseller, Master and Alpha reseller packages?
  • Reseller Hosting :- It Allows you to sell cPanel accounts. Master Reseller :- It allows you to sell cPanel accounts and Reseller accounts( WHM). Alpha Resellers :- It allows you to sell cPanel accounts and Reseller accounts(WHM) and Master Reseller accounts.
Which Control Panel comes with every reseller package?
  • We run a well known web hosting control panel called cPanel/WHM, all of our reseller, master and apha packages can create up to 100 accounts.
Do you provide the best support?
  • Yes, we do understand the importance of timely support which is why we are available 24 x 7 on our helpdesk. All the support tickets (except sales and billing issues) are answered an average of 15 minutes response time. At the moment we offer support via our helpdesk (ticket system), email and live chat.
I have some accounts elsewhere. Can you help me migrate?
  • We are here for you, we will do it quickly when your account is currently running cPanel, we offer free migration services to our customers, all you need to do is to contact us via a support ticket.